Happy 40th to the Big Brother!

jer collage

So as news comes out so fast I can’t seem to get my thoughts collected for the original intent for this blog, I want to take the time for a shout out to my big brother for his 40th Birthday on October 6th!  Since he is a big inspiration for why I wanted to do the blog in the first place, it is definitely fitting and fits quite nicely under the “musings” aspect of the blog.

Here are 40 pictures through the years…

To the big brother…

In a world where we have always known each other (the first 15 months don’t count), we have been through more than any words could possibly capture.  The memories we share, the troubled waters we have navigated, and the bright blue skies we have celebrated have created a bond like none other and nearly impossible to describe.   While everyone knows “the Sisters,” you are the rock and treasure we could never live without.  There are a few lessons I have learned along the way…

I hate you, I love you… Growing up was like most families with kids close in age, we could not even sit next to each other in the car without throwing punches, you and your friends ate all the snacks, made all the mess, broke all the things that I had to clean up.  Yet I have always known that you will always defend me, support me, cry with me, yell with me, celebrate with me, laugh with me, keep secrets with me, expose lies with me….

If you don’t know something, just go learn it…  not knowing something has never stopped you.  If you want something bad enough, go for it, learn every last detail of it and achieve your goal.  Nothing should ever stand in your way.

Life without passion and conviction is not worth living… I have seen more passion and conviction from you than I would have ever thought possible.  Your heart is in everything you do.  While being worn on your sleeve may expose it to hurt, it has allowed you to open up to things and lead the way to opening my eyes to many things my guarded heart and over analytical mind took longer to see.

The good fight is always worth fighting, and we all have our roles to play… In the craziness that our world has exposed over and over again, there is a place for fight and there is a place for reason. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and it will take using all the pieces in the fight we continue to be a part of.  You helped me through some of the darkest days of my life and made me understand the that depression is part of the passion, but we support each other through it and stand back up to keep fighting.

Music is an eternal bond… while I have always had my own connection to music, you continue to open my ears and heart to new sounds, new rhythms, new music that can affect me down to my soul.  Taking the time  to learn and appreciate it all is something I will always cherish. (since this is a serious note, not sure I should mention the memories of playing NWA cassette tapes over and over to make sure you could capture all the lyrics and memorize them :))

As you turn 40, you may get older, but you will always be my big brother.  Love ya Bro!!

5 thoughts on “Happy 40th to the Big Brother!

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